Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Your business data is worth protection. Isn’t it?

Businesses lose huge amounts of data to disasters every year. And while the majority of SMB owners know that experiencing a flood or other natural disaster is rare, huge data loss is oftentimes a result of smaller problems. A power surge, a coffee spill on a hard drive or an accidentally dropped computer can all cause physical damage to your hardware. If this happens to you, what do you do? Can your business cope if you permanently lose all your data?

Based on a recent report from the Bureau of Labor, over 90% of companies dealing with major data loss usually halt business operations within a few years.

Managed Solutions Group protects your valuable data with:

  • Business continuity - keep your business open and turning profits during a disaster
  • Recovery preparation - tailor made to your business requirements
  • Backup and data restoration - additional protective layer for your critical files

Managed Solutions Group provides preventive measures, analysis, and security together in one solution that ensures your business remains operational during any disaster.