Kyle Maiers

When we were looking for workgroup printers to use throughout our dealership, we contacted a number of computer service providers. However, when we asked for referrals from other businesses, the one name that was consistently mentioned was CES Computers. In the last three years since we have had their Xerox printers installed we have been nothing but pleased with the service that CES has provided. We have had issues with a couple of the printers, but CES went out of their way to insist that we get two new Xerox’s printers to replace two 2-year old printers at no cost to us. Most, if not all, other companies would not have provided this type of service. For a business to stand behind their products and services has given us an appreciation for CES that we may not have had for a different company. Things have clicked with Bird Chevrolet Co. and CES Computers.

Office Manager
Bird Chevrolet Co.