Keith McCarraher

Fortune 500 companies have the IT staffing to cover a wide range of industry specialties. Running an IT staff for a small to medium sized company presents the challenge of supporting many of the same technologies that the larger companies do, but with a far smaller resource pool. Some of the most important IT solutions in a company are its desktop/laptop lifecycle and printing. Having someone on staff to maintain 50 to 100 printers and another 50 to 100 PCs is a lot of overhead that many smaller companies just can’t afford. Yet, many try. The result typically ends up being a poor use of existing IT resources and even poorer customer service and satisfaction. This was Truck Country’s PC and printer support model before Managed Solutions Group entered the picture. Migrating our printer support to Managed Solutions Group has freed countless hours for the IT and operations staff. No more running out of toner or shopping for toner replacements. No more wondering who to call when a printer malfunctions. No more shipping printers in for repairs. With the help of Managed Solutions Group, our printers stay operational and help arrives on site, when needed. Managed Solutions Group has also greatly improved the turnaround time for staging new PCs or repairing broken devices. The IT staff has more time to focus on major initiatives and planning. Managed Solutions Group has incorporated itself as if it were simply another part of the Truck Country IT staff. We work seamlessly together to provide better customer service to our employees. And the best part is, we are saving money and providing better reporting to our business units as a result!

Vice President of I.T.
McCoy Group Inc.